Faculty Development Program

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies conducted a Faculty Development Programme to enhance student-teacher engagement. The sessions began on Monday, 22 July 2019 and were spread throughout the whole week till 26 July 2019. Professionals from various renowned organizations had conducted lectures which were followed by a hands-on exercise. The total duration for each session was approximately 2 hours. Both the sessions each day were attended by Prof. Sidharth Mishra (Chairperson, VSJMC), Prof. Dr Charu Lata Singh (Dean, VSJMC), faculty members and students of VSJMC (Vivekananda School of Journalism and Mass Communication).

Day 1: Creative Writing Session 1
Date: 22.07.2019

Prof. Sidharth Mishra introduced the FDP with the concept of news and views on the basis of his recent articles published on CNN-News18.com. After that, a guest lecture was undertaken by Mr. Anurag Mishra who is a researcher as well as a working professional. Mr. Mishra is currently working with MSN.com as India Editor. Mr. Mishra spoke at length about the importance of identifying multiple story angles, refreshing headlines on digital media. Mr. Mishra also discussed the use of keywords, SEO, click-baits and Google analytics.

Creative Writing Session 2: “Story Teri-Meri”

The second session was a workshop on creative writing and story-telling where the faculty members were divided into groups of 6 along with 6 team leaders. The theme was based on the films screened during the previous week. Each team was given a nano tale based on which they had to come up with their own version of a story. The session ended with the narration of the stories by each team.

Team PushpakTeam
Dard ka Rishta
Hip-Hip Hurray
Team SardaarTeam PyaasaTeam
Naya Daur
Ms. Priyam GhoshDr. Manoj Kr. SinghDr. Ravi ChaturvediDr. Chetna BhatiaMs. Bhumika ChandolaDr. Baninder Rahi
Ms. Mona GuptaMs. Tahzeeb FatmaDr. Debarati DharDr.Anjani Kumar JhaMr. Sahil KoulDr. Anuradha Mishra
Ms. Akanksha JainDr. Amit ChannaDr. Sunil Kr. MishraMs. Mrinalini MehraDr. Vaishali BillaDr. Bidyarani Asem
Mr. Ashish VermaDr. Ankit SharmaProf. Dr. Charu Lata SinghMr. Abhinav ArohiMs. IffatMs. Akansha Arora
Ms. Neha PandeDr. Atul UpadhyayMs. SandhyaDr. Praveen Kr. SinghDr. Umesh C PathakMs. Saloni Bhardwaj

Team Leaders

  • Chetna Bhatia
  • Priyam Ghosh
  • Baninder Rahi
  • Ravi Chaturvedi
  • Bhumika Chandola
  • Manoj Kumar Singh

Day 2 & Day 3: Design and Layout Software
Date: 23rd – 24th July

The 2nd and 3rd day sessions were dedicated to the understanding of design software like QuarkXPress and Indesign with an introduction to Photoshop. The sessions were conducted by Mr Satish Jakhmola and Ms Binita Bisht. Mr Satish Jakhmola has worked with Pioneer since 1995. Ms Binita Bisht is working as an Assistant Art Director in Asian Age. Mr Jakhmola and Ms Bisht demonstrated the designing of a broadsheet, tabloid as well as the making of a brochure.

Design and Layout Software Session 2: “Computer-Kaari”

The second session included an exercise on design and layout of a broadsheet daily. The faculty members were divided into 9 teams of 3 members each and their submissions were taken via email.


  • Abhinav Arohi
  • Atul Arora
  • Sahil Koul
  • Iffat

Prof Sidharth Mishra also gave a special presentation on the layout and designing of a newspaper. In another interactive session, he elaborated all about the workings of a newsroom and the thought process behind the making of the front-page headlines.

Day 4: Camera Handling Basics session 1
Date: 25.07.2019

The 4th day revolved around photography and lighting techniques. Mr Naveen is an experienced commercial photographer who gave a lecture on the basics of photography and gave a detailed demonstration showing the cause and effect of indoor lighting on subjects.

During the lecture Prof. Sidharth Mishra also shared his recent shoot experiences to explain the process of selection of pictures in context with the content.

Camera Handling Basics Session 2: “Capture and Caption”

The second session was based on capturing and captioning. The faculty members were divided into 6 groups under the names of various film directors and they tried their hands-on learning the art of photography under the supervision of various team leaders. *

Team Shyam BenegalTeam
Anurag Kashyap
Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Team GuruduttTeam
Vishal Bhardwaj
Satyajit Ray
Dr. Sunil Kr. Mishra*Mr Sahil Koul*Mr. Ashish Verma*Ms Akanksha Jain*Dr Atul
Dr. Ankit Sharma*
Dr Ravi ChaturvediDr Baninder RahiMs. Akansha AroraDr. Manoj SinghDr. Chetna BhatiaDr Vaishali Billa
Dr. Anuradha MishraDr Anjani KumarDr Umesh PathakMs Bhumika ChandolaMs Neha PandeMs Iffat
Ms Mona GuptaMs Saloni BhardwajDr Ramesh Kumar SharmaDr. Debarati DharMs. Mrinalini MehraDr Praveen Kumar

Day 6: Blog Writing
Date: 26.07.2019

The session was conducted by Ms. Vandana who is an Assistant Editor in DailyO. Ms. Vandana shared her insights into the working of today’s digital media newsroom and production of content specific to websites.

This session was concluded by special remarks by Chairperson VSJMC, Prof Sidharth Mishra and Dean VSJMC Prof. Dr. Charu Lata Singh which was followed by a valedictory session.